Refugees and the Media

The following resources were initially put together for a Year 7 English and Media scheme of learning exploring refugee issues through analysing the way in which refugees and asylum seekers are represented in the media. They have been reviewed and updated in the context of the current refugee crisis.


As with so many teaching materials, the ideas and texts have been borrowed from a range of sources. I claim no authorship beyond amalgamating them into a form that I know works in the classroom.

The materials could be easily adapted for different age groups or subject areas: there are suggested assessment strands running through the lessons but this focus could easily be changed.

The first document contains an overview of the scheme, with PowerPoint presentations and associated resources available in the links below.

Facts and figures are, to the best of my knowledge, up to date as of October 2015. The situation is evolving so rapidly though that you may wish to double check with relevant organisations.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties accessing any of the resources or any suggestions for how they could be improved.

Overview: Year 7 English and Media Scheme of Work refugees

Lesson 1: Groups and Connections

peters world map

Lesson 2: Britain and Diversity

origins exercise

origins exercise (teacher copy)

Lesson 3: Being British

The British – Benjamin Zephaniah

Lesson 4: Human Needs, Human Rights

UNICEF: Rights for Every Child

UN convention on the rights of the child summary

wants and needs cards

Lesson 5: Forced to Flee

forced to flee case studies

Refugee poem

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Lesson 6: What is a Refugee?

refugee quiz

Lesson 7: Crossing the Border

impossible border form

Can I come in setup

Asylum seekers’ role card

Immigration officer’s role card

Observers’ role card

The Right to Asylum International Law

Lesson 8: An Asylum Seeker’s Journey

Inference grid

Lesson 9: Myths and Stereotypes

Lesson 10: Representing Asylum

asylum headlines

Lesson 11: Refugees in the News

Daily Mail Migrants How Many More

Daily Mail The Swarm on our Streets

Guardian Refugee Crisis for the World

Guardian article text

Independent Refugees Welcome

Lesson 12: Writing the News

Lesson 13: Researching a Newspaper Article

Research packs

Lesson 14: Becoming a Journalist

Lesson 15: Creating your Newspaper

Newspaper resources

References/ additional resources:

Several of the lessons and activities in this scheme were adapted from the Global Communities Secondary Pack produced by DFID.

Peter’s World Map © 2014, Arno & Majenna Peters. Reproduced with permission of

Another useful source of inspiration was Refugees: We Left Because We Had To (The Refugee Council, 1996).

UNHCR have put together a great reading list with suggestions for children and young people of all ages.

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