Since I was a little girl I have loved to read and write stories. I would spend hours boring my brothers with my latest creations, and petitioning my teachers to let me just sit and write. But then I hit puberty and the doubt set in. And it took twenty more years of dithering and dreaming and declaring that I would definitely write a book someday before I finally put (digital) pen to paper and wrote my first novel.

Once I’d started there was no stopping me: my second novel is currently nearing completion, and I have charted my journey towards finally becoming a writer in this blog.

The posts below will give you a flavour of that journey.

A change of perspective

Words in print

A new chapter

The lure of the dark side

Bird by bird


Seven top tips to help you edit your novel

Don’t look down

Nearly there…

A sense of place

Another voice 

The plan

What if my normal isn’t normal after all?

Writing dreams

The storm

This time I mean it

The edit continues

The edit begins

A return to writing with the virtual blog tour

Out on a limb

Writing diversity

Truth and modesty and self-publishing

The end is in sight

Seeds of creativity

Lili Badger hits the town

Looking through the eyes of a child

A writer’s apology

Researching realism

My characters and me

Just write

The power of Scrivener

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