A sense of place


My editing process is undergoing something of an enforced hiatus at the moment. After a very difficult week last week Arthur and I are now in London, drawn by two family birthdays and some important new babies to meet!

I packed very optimistically, bringing everything I needed to pick up where I’d left off last Tuesday. But away from the structures and the solitude of our life in Brixham it seems unlikely that I’m actually going to get much done.

But that might not be altogether a bad thing…

I’m ahead of where I thought I’d be by now, my planned one chapter a day having galloped into two then three and sometimes even four as the story drew me back in. In fact I’ve only got two chapters to rework before I’m at the end of the novel – at which point I’m planning on one last sweep through (for now) to pick up anything I’ve missed and add in some bursts of narrative from a different perspective.

And in the meantime, whilst I’m traversing London to catch up with different friends and give Arthur a flavour of the capital, I’m going to open myself up to London’s spirit. I’m going to let its essence infuse my bones once again, remind myself of the multitude of tiny ways it differs from Devon. Because Grace’s story unfolds on these streets, streets which once were so achingly familiar to me but which seem so far away when I’m sitting at my desk staring at the sea.

I may not be able to do much work whilst I’m here, but when I’m finally able to sit back down at that desk next Monday morning I will hopefully be carrying with me those all-important details that will enhance my novel’s sense of place. And the fact that I get to immerse myself once more in London life whilst I’m gathering them is all part of the fun.



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10 thoughts on “A sense of place

  1. maddy@writingbubble

    So sorry about your difficult week and it sounds like you’ve gone straight from sadness to celebrations with birthdays and new babies to meet – what an emotional whirlwind! It sounds like London is the ideal place to be at this precise moment. I hope you find what you need on its streets and return to your book inspired. You’re so close to finishing it! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting xx

  2. Nicola Young

    I think that sometimes you have to have a break from the actual writing to come up with the inspiration and ideas. It will be a great opportunity to soak up the atmosphere in the capital and will hopefully get you back on track when you get home.

  3. deskmonkeymummy

    Going to London and re-familiarising yourself with the setting for your book sounds great. It’s all research, especially if you need details. I like the thought of working on the book without WORKING on the book, if that makes sense.
    Hope you have a great time catching up with friends and thanks for linking up to #whatimwriting x

  4. Emily Organ

    It sounds like you’ve made really good progress on your novel, despite the tough week you’ve had. Enjoy London, I lived there for eight years and miss it a lot. It’s only an hour on the train for me but I never get there enough. I hope your visit helps you finish off your book.

  5. Beth @plasticrosaries

    I was in London a couple of weeks back and though I don’t visit often I really enjoyed the little time I was there, back again at the beginning of November – really want to take my girls one day but it is SO far from us.
    One of my favourite things about a book is its sense of place and the quality of the author’s talent is often shown very clearly in their creation of their area – some of my favourite books really evoke the setting almost as much as the characters. Good luck 🙂

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  7. Morgan Prince

    Sorry to hear about your tough week but it sounds like London is a much needed break. It always does us good to take a break once in a while. And extra inspiration is never a bad thing! Good luck and enjoy meeting the babies and celebrating. 🙂

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