N is for now


We have very few family photos that aren’t selfies, and I particularly love this one. It was taken this week, on the afternoon of our second third wedding anniversary, just before we headed out for a romantic dinner for three.

Earlier in the day Leigh had surprised me with a few hours in a nearby spa with massages and facials and pedicures for us both – hence the general aura of relaxation and polishedness we’re exuding.

In a summer of adventures, of looking forward and looking back, it was a moment of savouring the now. Our little man is growing up so fast – I know we’ll look back on this snapshot in another year and he’ll seem so small, and already I keep catching myself wondering where my baby’s gone. Which makes it all the more important to remember, in amidst the memories and the plans, to focus on our very special present.

N is for now.


Joining in with The Alphabet Photography Project over at PODcast.

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