T is for toll bridge


There’s always a sense of anticipation that builds the closer we get to the border. It was the same when we used to travel from London as it is coming up from Devon, though the view from the M5 definitely makes for a more beautiful journey.

Nothing quite prepares you for the sight of the bridge itself though, the gateway to Cymru. The hulking pylons stand firm as cars speed through, contrasting perfectly with the delicate cables which soar diagonally to their tapering peaks. Β The pale green is always surprising, as stunning against thick grey clouds as it is when framed by a clear blue sky.

I must have hundreds of photos like the one above – I can’t resist, have to get my camera out every time we make the crossing into the land of my fathers. Very rarely on the journey back though. It doesn’t seem like such an event, somehow.

I’ve always thought it was apt that you pay the toll as you go into Wales rather than when you leave. I’m not sure anyone would bother otherwise – it just wouldn’t be worth it.

T is for toll bridge.


Joining in with The Alphabet Photography Project over at PODcast.Β 

6 thoughts on “T is for toll bridge

  1. Elizabeth

    Love bridges πŸ™‚ We used to have to pay a toll to cross the causeway which joined our little island in Canada to the mainland. They stopped it years ago but I still have one of the tiny little tokens you could buy to toss into the machine. #alphabetphoto


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