V is for Vietnam



For our honeymoon we went to Vietnam. It was a challenge fitting even a fraction of what I wanted to see there into those two weeks, but I was determined to try.

We started in Hanoi, spending two days walking around the city, soaking up the sights and smells and flavours. That was where I took this picture: just another selection of wares in a pavement stall, but one that with its seafood and herbs and vegetables sums up what I love about Vietnamese food. I love the colours and textures in this picture too, and the shapes – all those circles full of promise.

So much of our trip was about the food, really. That was what had inspired us to go in the first place – the pho and the summer rolls and the banh cuon we’d enjoyed in restaurants in Hackney. We had a Vietnamese supermarket near us there too, but it was wonderful to see all of the ingredients in their homeland.

By the time we left, we’d sampled all sorts of new dishes, successfully dodging the peanuts that would have triggered an allergic reaction to discover a huge range of exciting tastes. We’d seen noodles being made, rice paper rounds drying in the sun, prawns being crushed to create the pungent paste that was seemingly at the base of everything. We’d learnt to cook some new dishes as well: spicy seafood hotpot, and even those delicious banh cuon – delicate and slippery steamed rolls filled with prawns and pork.

I’d love to go back, and not just for the food. It is such a beautiful country – and so steeped in history. Hopefully one day, when Arthur’s a little bit older, we’ll be able to revisit for a longer trip.

V is for Vietnam.


Joining in with The Alphabet Photography Project over at PODCast Dove.


9 thoughts on “V is for Vietnam

    1. sophieblovett Post author

      There were a couple of hairy moments but it was worth it! On the whole I think Vietnamese cuisine isn’t as bad as, say, Thai because nuts are generally used as a garnish rather than an integral ingredient. I had some chats with some of our local restaurant owners before we went to find out which dishes should be safe and which to definitely avoid. And I had allergy translation cards from here: http://www.selectwisely.com which really came in handy. It really does add another dimension to travel though doesn’t it?

  1. Mummy Tries

    Sounds like you had an amazing honeymoon! Well done for dodging peanuts too. I travelled SE Asia extensively but never made it to Vietnam. It’s definitely on the list xxx


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