Reasons to be cheerful

So we’re starting the week in rather more of a tired and grumpy place than I’d like: Arthur-bear is still not well after a croup attack two weeks ago. He has a nasty cold which just won’t relinquish its grip on him – rivers of snot, a hacking cough, d & v, an infected tear duct – and if that wasn’t enough I’m pretty sure his molars are coming through too! The doctor’s confirmed it’s nothing serious, but it’s enough that no-one’s really sleeping much and I’m getting worried that he’s forgotten what it’s like to not feel a bit rubbish all of the time.

Fortunately we have something special in our anti-grumpiness arsenal since I brushed up my video editing skills in December: a 20 minute film celebrating Arthur’s first year which is so full of gorgeousness that none of us can watch it without feeling considerably better about the world. Arthur giggles and chats and points at himself whilst Leigh and I have a little cry about how much our baby has grown and we all end up with a warm and fuzzy glow and lots of reminders of why we should be smiling, however tough things might seem right now.

And whilst I’m not about to suggest you watch the whole film, there’s a little clip of Arthur attempting to drink from a sippy cup (before discovering that there are way more exciting things to do with the water than drink it) that I find curiously life-affirming.

Incidentally, if anyone’s got any tips about how to get Arthur to actually drink from a cup rather than conducting physics experiments with it then I’d be eternally grateful! Apart from of course to not encourage him by taking videos of his exploits and posting them on the internet…

spread a little happiness

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10 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful

    1. sophieblovett Post author

      Thank you – it was just what I needed on a dreary Monday morning! He is slowly getting better with the whole drinking thing, I’m sure we’ll get there eventually…

  1. rebeccabeesley

    that is so cute. Hope he is soon feeling better. that is so funny when it splashed in his eye – i thought he was going to cry but he laughed and went back to his experiments! Have you tried a straw or a straw lidded cup (nuby have ones like that) – our little girl seems to get on well with those. #spreadalittlehappiness xxx


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