Word of the Week: Penguins

Today the word that sums up the week that was is:


There are many great things about living in Brixham. Getting to see the sea every day is just exhilarating, and especially when the sun is shining just stepping outside the front door can feel like going on holiday. But one of the best things about living in a tourist destination is how many cool things there are to do on our doorstep. And this week we decided to take advantage of one of my favourites.

Living Coasts is a zoo with a difference. It is full of all things watery – from octopuses to otters, from seals to sting rays. We took Arthur when he was smaller, and he was mesmerised watching the sea birds swimming underwater.


He’s getting much more aware of all the different creatures we share this planet with as he gets older though, so when a friend suggested a visit to Living Coasts this week I jumped at the chance.

We were particularly excited by the prospect of watching the newly-toddling Arthur waddling amongst the penguins, and he didn’t disappoint. In fact he quickly made friends with a 3 month old chick called Kevin.


He was pretty keen to go and join the rest of the penguins on their beach, but we just about managed to distract him.


Arthur was generally fascinated by the creatures he saw, especially when he could watch them interacting with humans. The spectacle of the otters being fed with a whistle and a ball on a stick could have kept him transfixed for hours.


It was definitely the penguins who excited Arthur the most though. We went back to see them having their lunch, and it was all I could do to hold him back as he pointed and shouted out with glee. If it hadn’t have been for the keepers’ warnings that they could nip I would have been tempted to let him go in for a cuddle…


Despite the lack of penguin cuddles it was a lovely afternoon, and it was a very happy and sleepy little boy who cuddled up to me in the sling for the journey back to Brixham.



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14 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Penguins

  1. thenthefunbegan

    Ah! What a lovely outing! Penguins are great – I saw lots of jackass penguins in the wild in South Africa – Boulders Beach is stunning and just packed with the little fellas! (they really do sound like donkeys too!). We live very close to BirdWorld but have never taken the kids there yet (its really expensive) but I think the time is approaching! We also went to the Tamar otter sanctuary when we were on holiday in Bude last year and they are always fun to watch too! #WotW

    1. sophieblovett Post author

      We have an otter and butterfly farm near us too which I’ve been meaning to visit for ages – it’s on the list for this summer… Must have been amazing to see penguins in the wild! We’ll have to try to arrange a trip for when Arthur’s a bit older.


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