Word of the Week: Oddparents

Today the word that sums up the week that was is:


We had two very special visits this week, from two of my very best friends. Two out of the three people in fact who we chose to be oddparents to Arthur.

You may ask what an oddparent is, exactly. We were keen to have significant adults in Arthur’s life from outside his extended family, but as we’re not religious godparents didn’t seem quite right. He has guardians, but they are separate – much more of a legal, worst case scenario role. Rather his oddparents, Bez, Sue and Ryan, will hopefully imbue his life with some of the passion, creativity and uniqueness that has made them our friends for so long.

I think it was that spirit that has made this week so much fun. When Bez arrived with Huw, we threw ourselves into BrixFest – the 1940s themed festival that took over the town for the second May bank holiday weekend.



It was awesome to see them both, but fab to have an extra pair of hands too: someone Arthur enjoys hanging out with so Leigh and I could remember what it’s like to hang out with each other!


No sooner were they gone than Sue turned up. Arthur was very excited to see her and to show off his ukulele skills…


Unfortunately our earlier visitors seemed to take the sun away with them, but that just made us even more determined to make the most of her stay. We took the ferry over to Torquay, which as it always does made me wonder why I don’t do it more often. Beautiful as the bay is from the land I always get a bit of a thrill from actually being on the water.


We went to see the penguins at Living Coasts, and ended up getting mesmerised by the fish in the aquarium. I’m not sure who enjoyed the underwater bubble more to be honest!


We even managed to squeeze in a trip on the steam train, travelling in the observation car which was pretty exciting for all of us.


So all in all a brilliant week, though it was sad to say goodbye. Hopefully it won’t be too long before more oddparent adventures!


The Reading Residence


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