D is for daddy


Daddy is a new thing: up until a couple of days ago it was dada, but now Arthur has started saying ‘dadeee’ – super pleased with himself, and even cuter than usual. Whichever way he puts it, watching the relationship grow between my man and our baby has to be one of the best things about being a mum. I especially love it when Leigh wears Arthur in the sling. I’m not sure why – I think perhaps because I know that for me there’s nothing that comes closer to the feeling I had when I carried our baby inside me for nine months. It’s pretty incredible to know Leigh gets to share that.

Whilst we’re on the subject of dads, I just have to share this picture I found of me and my dad on a ferry to the Scillies many many years ago. Vintage babywearing at its best!


Joining in with The Alphabet Photography Project over at PODcast.

20 thoughts on “D is for daddy

  1. Cheryl (@CherylInTheUK)

    A really lovely moment to catch. It is a special feeling when you see father and child bonding. Arthur looks so safe and loved in his sling. Perfect. How wonderful to have a photo of you being carried by your father too. #AlphabetPhoto

    1. sophieblovett Post author

      I was very excited to find that photo! Babywearing’s become a big thing in our little family and it was nice to see we’re carrying on a tradition 🙂

  2. Ali

    Aww D is for daddy! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that one! (I won’t tell daddy!) I love the old photo and indeed the vintage clothes. Lovely. X

  3. Mummy Tries

    Lovely post Sophie. Watching hubby become a great dad has been e truly marvellous thing for me, so I know just how you feel. Clever Arthur for mastering Daddy too :o) fab photo of you, just goes to show that attachment parenting has been around a long time! xx

    1. sophieblovett Post author

      Thank you 🙂 I was thrilled to find the pic of me and my dad – it reminded me how important it is to capture all of these special moments for Arthur too! xx

  4. Charly Dove

    Oh wow Sophie what a fabulous moment to capture. I love the bond they have. Seems very similar to the one POD has with her Daddy. Great photo of you and your dad too. Great post, thank you so much for sharing with #alphabetphoto


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