On warm summer evenings with the last of the light reflecting off the water we have often stood and looked at the Riviera Wheel glittering across the bay. We have said many times that we should make the time to ride it, and last week – finding ourselves in Torquay on a glorious day with an hour to kill – we finally did.


Arthur could not conceal his excitement as we approached: he cried out ‘Airplane! Airplane!’, pointing at the swinging cabins which circled high above us.


Once we were up he was mesmerised. The views were spectacular over the marina and the town, with the beautiful blue waters of Torbay stretching out into the distance.





It it was a place to step back from the heat and the hecticness of the streets below, to pause and reflect on just what a beautiful part of the country we live in, to regain a little perspective. Arthur was so transfixed by the views that Leigh and I even had a few moments to revel in the romance of it all.



 photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg

1 thought on “Airplane!

  1. Charly Dove

    Oh wow Sophie what an experience! It looks absolutely amazing and the views are just stunning. Great photos of you all too. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory


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