Ten tell-tale signs you’re the parent of a toddler


I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, but at some stage over the last few months something has changed. The gorgeous little man I share my days with has made the transition from babyhood to toddlerdom and the world will never be the same again.

You know you’re the parent of a toddler when…

  1. You no longer have creative control over his outfits for the day – and you’re not sure whether to be impressed or embarrassed by the results.
  2. You long for peace and quiet, but the minute you get it you run to see what he’s up to.
  3. You can recite The Gruffalo (and The Gruffalo’s Child) in its entirety.
  4. Meal times have become a military exercise in dodging increasingly well aimed items of food.
  5. The front room is now a carefully constructed obstacle course littered with small vehicles, balls and strangely shaped building blocks.
  6. A quick walk to the shops involves stopping to say hi to every dog, bench and leaf you pass meaning that a trip that should take half an hour can easily be closer to four.
  7. You have become almost entirely immune to the screams that signal the onset of a potential tantrum, knowing that if you hold your ground it will soon pass. Everyone else just thinks you’re heartless.
  8. You’ve perfected the art of pretending to be asleep in the morning, even whilst someone’s standing on your boobs and physically prising your eyelids open.
  9. You know you should be doing the washing up… but it’s just so cute watching him make his teddy bears talk to each other.
  10. You can differentiate the sound of a motorbike, an aeroplane and a speedboat almost before you hear it. Well you can’t, but he can. And you’re learning, right?

So there you have it: the ten tell-take signs that we’ve entered a whole new world of parenting. But how about you? Do any of these sound familiar – and how else has your toddler made themselves known? I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to add to this list as Arthur fully adapts to his new role, but in the meantime I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Mums' Days

5 thoughts on “Ten tell-tale signs you’re the parent of a toddler

  1. Mummy Tries

    So true hon, I can relate to all this! Something just clicks one day and life is never the same again 😉 it baffles me how my 2yo can tell the difference between an aeroplane and a helicopter just by the noise they make! xx

  2. hannah mum's days

    This is it exactly! We’re still on the cusp of outfit control – he’s no interest in anything, apart from he’d rather not have to keep getting changed (why can’t we just wear pjs all day??), so long as you tell him there’s a bus on the front (even if there’s isn’t!). But everything else is spot on! Thanks for linking up 🙂 #TheList


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