W is for winter


I might not be terribly find of the thought of the nights drawing in or the prospect of endless grey drizzle, but there are actually lots of things about winter days I love.

Snow in particular has a strange power over me. One of my best friends is Canadian, and she thinks I’m mad. But then I’ve never had to deal with the drudgery of it – the blackouts, the snow ploughs, the military precision required just to leave the house. For me snow is magical: transforming city and countryside scenes alike as it deadens sounds and amplifies the light.

I love what it does to people – to total strangers. This picture was taken in London Fields, in one of the particularly impressive bouts of snow we’ve had in recent years. Everyone seemed to be transported back to their childhood, real or imagined, as they built snowmen, made angels with their arms or pelted each other with the white stuff till they collapsed giggling into it. And all of this in what seemed like silence under the branches of trees heavy with their own liberal dusting.

We’re much less likely to get snow in Brixham – being by the sea tends to ward off the coldest of the winter weather, which is one of the the only things I don’t like so much about living here. You don’t need to go too far inland to find it though: frozen ponds and crystallised leaves, delicate icicles and impenetrable frosty ground.

I think it reminds me of the fairy kingdoms I liked to inhabit when I was growing up, the supreme delicacy of the patterns in the ice and the way it makes everything sparkle. There’s something humbling about those moments when nature reminds you of its presence, too: the way it transforms the landscapes we work so hard to control and makes everyday life just that little bit more difficult.

W is for winter.


Joining in with The Alphabet Photography Project over at PODcast.

6 thoughts on “W is for winter

  1. Dean B

    My goodness! That’s a picture-postcard type of photo. It’s absolutely beautiful too! I’m the same. I love the snow, though I’ve only experienced really heavy snow when I visited family in New York years ago. So far, it has only snowed once here in Cornwall since moving down here. And it was just a dusting! Would love for my 4-year-old to experience snow, she’s never seen it yet. #alphabetphoto.

  2. Cheryl (@CherylInTheUK)

    Your photo reminds me of a Lowry painting. I love the snow and dream of being snowed in each winter. Last few years, we’ve had our fair share of snow, which has stopped our daily routine, so I’m not complaining! #AlphabetPhoto


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