Word of the week: cold


I’ve been struggling a bit with my first cold of the season this week: a sniffling, lethargy-inducing, lingering cold, not enough to really stop me doing anything but certainly enough to make it all that bit more difficult. But that’s not actually what this post is about.

What I’ve really noticed this week is just how cold it’s becoming! It was like someone flicked a switch, plunging us from unseasonably warm vest-top-in-November sort of weather into the (admittedly far more appropriate) biting winds and deepening chill that requires layers and hats and a brisk pace to escape its grasp.

But this post isn’t actually about the weather either. It’s just that the cold seems to be the common link between my favourite moments from this week.

One of which was the arrival of Arthur’s first ever pair of slippers. We have wooden floors in most of our house, so slippery socks are not really an option to keep Arthur’s toes warm. He wasn’t even walking this time last year so it wasn’t really an issue, but now with the hurtling up and down the corridors I needed to come up with something. And I found these.


They’re by Living Kitzbuhel, soft and cosy enough to be comfortable for hours of wear yet tough enough to stand up to the endless energy of a toddler. They certainly seem to be doing the job.


The other memorable moment from this week, when the three of us all wrapped up and ventured into the cold, was bonfire night. We went to see the fireworks at Sherwell Valley Primary School. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but we had a brilliant night. When we arrived, Arthur was enthralled by all the lights flashing in the darkness.


He was cosied up in the sling beneath our brilliant babywearing coat, and was very happy for a while to watch the gathering crowds from there. He did start to get a little bit restless, wondering I think why we were all standing around in the cold and the darkness, but fortunately the explosions of colour distracted him before too long.




It was a brilliant display – and whilst Arthur spent most of it looking more than a little bit shell shocked, he still hasn’t stopped talking about the fireworks.

We’ve had a couple of wintery walks as well, and I have to concede that there’s something rather lovely about the crisp, refreshing air that I may even have missed, just a little bit.


So bring it on winter – we’re ready for you!

The Reading Residence

3 thoughts on “Word of the week: cold

  1. thereadingresidence

    Those slippers are just so cute! Glad that Arthur liked his first fireworks, too. Little Man’s not keen on them, but Boo’s obsessed with seeing them! You do look all cosy and set for the cold 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Mummy Tries

    That coat is *amazing* I want one! Fireworks sound like fun, the cold not so much! It’s difficult to believe it’s almost winter. Where has the year gone? xx #WotW

  3. Lysa @ Welcome To My Circus

    What precious little slippers! I must find some for my grandsons! Sounds like you had a wonderful week with the fireworks and fun! We are finally having to bundle up here in Arizona, although to most this weather seems as if summer continues on here but to us who live through the heat the 80 degree Fahrenheit degrees are rather chilly indeed.

    Lysa @ Welcome to My Circus

    Stopping by via #WotW


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