“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2016.”

It’s hard, learning to make friends.

We spent the weekend with one of my oldest and bestest and her two kids, the elder of whom is weeks younger than Arthur. He was so excited to see her.

Things weren’t always entirely smooth. There were moments when Arthur’s experimental interactions crossed the boundaries, moments when I wanted just to sweep him up and replace him with a child who was perfectly socialised and knew not ever to push or hit or kick.

Looking at this image – of all the images I have as memories of the weekend – it would be easy to forget that it had not all been smiles. But it is important to remember, I think, what a huge amount of subconscious negotiating is going on when our little people are learning to share their world with others.

Ultimately, though, they were learning to be friends, these two. By the end of the weekend Arthur cared enough for her opinion not to want to make her sad or cross. When they went to say goodbye, he gave her a little kiss.

And when she kissed him back he visibly melted.

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