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“A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2016.”

I will never get bored of watching these two together.

Arthur loves his dad so very much, and it is wonderful after the hecticness of the past few months to be able to slow down, and breathe, and revel in each other’s company.

Now that we are past the intensity of Leigh’s med school training, I hope that we have worked out a way forward that will allow for more moments like this, where father and son can just hang out and enjoy the day to day.

He is only going to be little for such a very short time, and we fully intend to make the most of it.

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Dear daddy

It’s so good to have you to myself again. I know you’ve been busy, making people’s ouchies better in the hospital. I know you’ve been working hard.

But I’ve missed you.


Life is so much more fun when you’re around.

I love going on adventures with you and mummy – I asked her where you were, every time, when we set out on our own. We had lots of good times together just the two of us, but it’s even better when you can come too.

Your shoulders are broader, and your hair doesn’t tickle so much.

I always got so excited when I saw your car pull into the drive: clamouring against the window, nose pressed to the glass as it misted up with my giggles. You would come right up and put your nose against mine and draw love in the cloud of our breath. When you disappeared again I would worry for a moment, but then I would hear your key in the lock and run as fast as I could for cuddles in the kitchen.

Thank you for always having time for me, even when you had been up since before dawn and had been ground down by mean consultants and endless traffic. Thank you for not even waiting to take off your coat before kneeling down to play train tracks, for finding the patience to do washing things before bed even when you would rather be having a glass of wine and collapsing on the sofa. Thank you for making me laugh and reading me stories until we both fell asleep in the chair.

I love it when you read with me.


Thank you for the tickles and the Gruffalo cuddles and the prickle kisses.

Thank you for making mummy smile.

I know that sometimes I am hard work with my throwing and my hitting and my frustration at the world. But every time you listen to me it helps me begin to work it out, and every time you hold me it helps me remember how much I am loved.

I love you too, daddy.

Thank you for being.

Beautiful Bombay Duck


Father’s day this year coincided with another rather special occasion: the relaunch of my parents’ boat, Bombay Duck, after six months of painstaking work to restore her to her former glory.

The actual launch happened on Saturday, but yesterday we made our way over to meet them at the Salcombe estuary for the inaugural trip to celebrate her restoration.

Arthur was a little bit sceptical at first: he’s been on bigger boats before, but this was his first boat trip where I think he was really aware of what was going on and he found it all a bit peculiar.


He soon got into the swing of things though: testing out the whistle on his life jacket, finding out what all the wheels and buttons did, and generally having a pretty awesome time.

IMG_1504    IMG_1507.JPG

IMG_1500.JPG    IMG_1503.JPG

We’d brought Leigh’s fishing kit with us – last year’s birthday present that with everything else that’s been going on hadn’t yet made it out of the house! We didn’t actually catch any fish, but it was good to finally get it out and in the water – and Arthur certainly seemed interested in what daddy was up to…



It was lovely to get to hang out on the water – such a gorgeous afternoon, perfect to fill with family, fun and fresh air. The fresh air did eventually take its toll though, and as we began to head back Arthur started to get very sleepy and just a little bit fractious. Nothing that the sling couldn’t solve of course!

IMG_0237    IMG_1510

Once the boat was all moored up we made our way back through the woodland, Arthur dozing and the rest of us full of excitement about the watery adventures the summer will hold aboard beautiful Bombay Duck.



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