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So despite all of my self-directed pep talks and statements of intent, the last couple of months have been a bit of a damp squib as far as writing is concerned.

Not necessarily in terms of the bigger picture – things are fizzing with potential there on all sorts of levels – but definitely in terms of the actual getting-new-words-on-the-page part of this whole writing lark, which ultimately is the only thing that keeps it sustainable.

It’s been getting me down, if I’m honest. I’ve been so busy doing stuff, some enjoyable, some less so, but all eating up my time. And the sitting down and writing creatively thing, the thing that was my priority (baby aside) when I decided to not go back to teaching after having Arthur, has just faded into oblivion.


I think it was partly meeting up with all my lovely writing buddies that reminded me how much I missed it, the writing. And I don’t mean the blog – between here, Connecta Lives and eye-wateringly epic grant application forms I’m doing plenty of that kind of getting-words-on-a-page.

I’ve even managed to tie in my local lido obsessed campaign work with the building skills for blogging thing, having set myself the target to create a self-hosted wordpress blog for the pool which will (hopefully) teach me how to do it for myself.

But it’s all a bit too grounded in the real world. I’ve been missing my imagination. And I think especially in a year as crazy as this one has been that imagination is frankly the only hope we have.


I have decided that I am going to bring my creative writing to the foreground again – to give it priority over all of the other jobs I have to do. I can normally convince myself that they are way more urgent – generally because in a coldhearted cut and dry way they are. The writing is, of course, important – but it gets totally lost when the pressure of time is applied.

It is time, though, to override that urgent-important matrix, or at least to elevate the creative writing bit so high on the importance scale that it doesn’t matter if no-one notices if I get it done.

Because I do, and actually maybe that’s the most important thing of all.

I have a bit of a plan, which involves my creative project being the very first thing I open when I sit down at the computer. Not necessarily at the start of the day – I might try to get back to the blissful state of crack of dawn writing, but given that we’re in the depths of winter I don’t want not managing that to be the excuse for not doing anything.

The other excuse I’ve been giving myself is that I’m not working on a novel. I should probably get into the edit of the third one at some point if I’m honest, but for now I have various short story ideas swimming around my brain.

So the first thing I did yesterday was catch them, and put them in a Scrivener document. Much as I love the thought of scribbling in a notebook the past thirty six hours have taught me that I get many more words down on paper when it’s the virtual kind.

I realise that this is exactly the wrong time for resolutions, what with Christmas and Arthur’s birthday to contend with over the next few weeks, but at least this way I should be going into 2017 with a much clearer idea of where I’m at.

And might just have the chance of getting out of this annus horribilis with at least a scrap of my sanity…

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Word of the Week: Hectic

Today the word that sums up the week that was is:


I mean, every week is pretty busy, but this week has been crazy! I’m sure having just come back from holiday hasn’t helped, but even just reflecting on all the different things we’ve done this week is making me exhausted.

No sooner had we dropped our bags in the hallway on Saturday than we were out again, heading to a wedding reception. This was no ordinary wedding, with celebrations taking place at a Yurt Camp near Dartmoor. We actually spent the night in a yurt, and that along with stealing the bride’s ukulele were the highlights of Arthur’s evening.

image    image

Over the next few days my main focus was supposed to be finishing the initial read through of the first draft of my novel. But even though I know it’s vitally important, and I’m actually really enjoying it, I’m finding it so much harder to fit the reading in than the writing itself. There always seems to be something else to do: catching up on what I’ve missed in the blogosphere for example, and finally getting around to tackling the ‘make your own monster’ kit Arthur was given for Christmas.

image    image

We obviously had to find the time for some outings too, reacquainting ourselves with the beach and Berry Head.

image    image

Just as I thought we might be settling back into some sort of rhythm, I had a call from the school where I’m a governor saying that Ofsted were coming in. Cue a rapid reshuffling of Thursday’s plans to accommodate a dash to the school after Arthur’s first Music with Mummy session (which was fab – but hectic!).


After battling through the rain I delivered Arthur to the administrator who’d kindly agreed to look after him whilst I faced the inspectors. The pushchair we hadn’t used since he was six weeks old was initially supposed to make their life easier, though ended up being a pretty handy receptacle for all the files and toys and snacks I was lugging around.

When we eventually got home there were some secret missions to be accomplished: it’s Leigh’s birthday today, so there was a cake to be baked and cards to be made.

image    image

Arthur has been a superstar with all the craziness that’s been thrust upon him, though he’s definitely been checking in for cuddles even more often than usual to recharge his batteries. As for me, I’ve enjoyed the buzz of getting everything done but I’m hoping things are going to settle down next week. Otherwise I might just need another holiday…

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