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Sunday photo: 8th November 2015


Arthur very much knows his mind at the moment. I like it, but it’s challenging.

We went for a walk in the rain this week: I had a couple of Council meetings in town that I couldn’t miss so we donned our waterproofs and headed in. By the time we came back Arthur was overdue a nap. We got to the beach, and he lay down on the rocks he loves to climb and closed his eyes.

I kept going, walking up the steps towards the road. I’d had more than enough drizzle for one day and I was sure he’d follow me.

He didn’t.

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Festivals in the rain

We have been to three festivals this summer, and all of them were accompanied by a generous dose of rain. It’s been a bit of a new experience for me – somehow, in my twenty years of festivalling, I have managed to avoid anything more than a few showers. In fact generally my festival memories exist in a blissful haze of summer sun, dry grass and being a bit too warm for comfort. Clearly that was never going to last.


I was a bit apprehensive as the weather forecast for the key weekends of this summer unfolded. I love festivals. Really I don’t think there is anywhere I would rather be than in a field with friends listening to music and drinking cider, stumbling upon weird and wonderful happenings as the days roll into nights and collapsing in a tent at the end of it all. Rain, mud and cold have absolutely no place in this vision, and I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to cope.

You know what though? It really wasn’t that bad. It was harder work for sure. And a bit less sociable. But there was something quite pleasingly symbolic about the perseverance, about the determination to have fun despite the universe’s best efforts. There was definitely a strong sense of camaraderie, and those moments where the sun peeped through the clouds or when music managed to whip damp crowds into a whirl of enthusiasm took on a whole new level of significance.

Sure, I wouldn’t have voluntarily trekked through miles of mud wearing an overexcited toddler or chased a flyaway gazebo through the campsite at four in the morning. I would rather not have covered my sparkly festival attire with waterproofs or kept said toddler entertained in the tent whilst the rain battered down outside. But actually, now that it’s over, I have a whole new range of festival memories to add to the pile.

And as for the toddler – to be honest he was in his element. What two year old wouldn’t want to splash through endless puddles, squelch in the mud and surf on rain soaked tables? In fact there’s a danger next summer, when the sun does return (are you listening, universe?), that there will be something fundamental missing from his festival experience…


IMG_8629 (1)


I’m sure he’ll cope though. And even if future festivals are drenched in rain rather than the sun I’ve bathed in over the years it’s good to know it won’t dampen our festival spirit.


Blustery Berry Head

The weather here on Saturday was decidedly Devonian: gorgeous clear blue skies one second, wind, rain and white horses the next. And repeat. I kept being about to take Arthur out for a walk when the clouds would roll in and it suddenly didn’t seem all that attractive. Come mid-afternoon I decided we should venture out anyway – if nothing else it was a great excuse to get Arthur kitted out in his very cute rain gear.


The photo above was taken soon after I released Arthur from the sling (the first bit of the walk to Berry Head is a bit challenging for a newly toddling baby) and captures the moment when he met his very first puddle! I’d forgotten from my boring grown-up perspective that the rain brought with it these little marvels of splashes and reflection, but he was absolutely transfixed.

We decided it was time to move on when Arthur was about to get down on his hands and knees for a closer examination of this new phenomenon, and he was soon distracted by the abundance of dogs dragging their owners out for an afternoon stroll. He’s obsessed with dogs at the moment, and is going round woofing at everything. They were remarkably tolerant of it, considering.

After a few more puddles…


…and a fair amount of toppling over as his enthusiasm got the better of his balance (note to self: wellies do not the most stable toddling footwear make), the wind and rain rolled in again and we made a break for home.

We hadn’t needed to be out long for Arthur to enjoy his adventure, and it had no doubt done us good too to get some fresh air and blow away the cobwebs.

It was brilliant to see him enjoying being outdoors so much, even if the weather wasn’t perfect. Now all I need is to get myself a matching rain suit and we’ll be sorted!


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