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Grampa’s tractor


Arthur’s first ride on a tractor was actually in London, a wooden tractor he fell in love with in Hyde Park when we visited back in March.

This summer though he has become completely obsessed with another tractor: the one my dad uses to work the land at my parents’ home in Devon.


It’s one of the first things he says as we wind our way down the lane towards their house and he realises where we are: ‘Grampa’s tractor! Grampa’s tractor!’. If it’s parked in the drive it’s all we can do to hold him back as he fights his way out of his car seat and scrambles towards it.

I’m not sure it’s the safest thing in the world for a toddler to be playing with, but he’s not allowed anywhere near it when it’s moving and fortunately hasn’t quite worked out what all the buttons and levers do yet…


He just loves to sit on it though, his little hands on the wheel as he goes ‘vroom vroom’ and his imagination takes over.

Anything with big wheels that isn’t a train or a bus is a tractor at the moment – so range rovers, diggers, trucks. And as soon as he’s labelled it as such Arthur’s mind quickly takes him back to Grampa’s tractor and a smile comes over his face.

It’s funny how fascinated he’s become by everything with wheels – it’s certainly an interest he’s developed on his own rather than being pushed into it by us. I can’t help but wonder whether he’d be quite so obsessed if he were a girl, though he is also pretty mesmerised by Mimi’s chickens.

But that’s a post for another day…


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