A crafty thank you

I’ve always been pants at sending thank you cards, and always, always felt guilty about it. When Arthur was born we were sent some gorgeous gifts, but the world was such a haze back then that our friends and family were lucky to receive a text message in return.

So in the wake of Christmas and Arthur’s first birthday, and in the spirit of all those new year’s resolutions, I’ve decided it’s time to make a change.

In between various other things over the last few days I’ve been making some thank you cards to send out on behalf of Arthur. I wanted to do something personalised, something that would begin to make up for lost time if you like. I was thinking handprints, but he’s really a little little to find that fun. So instead I used his hand as a template.

We had some paper left over from wrapping his presents which seemed appropriate as well as being kinda funky, so after tracing round his hand (the trickiest bit) the first job was to draw out all the hand shapes on the back of the paper.


Then a bit of cutting out.


Then some sticking, a bit of stamping, and voila!


The lettering wasn’t all as neat as that. My stamping definitely needs some practise. But all in all I was quite pleased with them – and when I showed them to Arthur he waved, which confirms at least that they look like hands.

All that remains now is to write them and get them in the post – hopefully beginning a lifetime of guilt-free thank you card sending for our little man.

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