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Looking back, looking forward


As the dust begins to settle on 2014 and the humdrum celebrations of Christmas, a very special birthday and New Year that brought it to a close, I’m finally finding time to reflect a little.

And, very handily, Dean from Little Steps has invited me to take part in a New Year’s Tag to give some focus to those reflections. So without further ado…

What was your highlight of 2014?


It was a pretty incredible year all in – lots of hard work, but lots of adventures to go with it. It’s hard to pick out one particular thing but the summer was one of the best I’ve had for years.

We didn’t venture very far, but the weather was incredible so we really didn’t need to. Arthur had his first proper festival experience at Somersault in North Devon…


And we spent hours swimming in Shoalstone Pool. Perfect bliss, and right on our doorstep.


What are you excited for in 2015?

Two of my brothers are getting married this year, so that’s pretty exciting! I’m also quietly excited about where my writing will take me this year. I have lots more work to do, but I have a good feeling about 2015.

Any New Year’s resolutions?

I’m not generally a fan of New Year’s resolutions. Certainly not the type that involve cutting lots of things out that I enjoy: why on earth would I want to do that when it’s so cold and dark outside?

Having said that, there is something I want to work on this year. I have a real tendency to get caught up in what I think other people might be thinking about me and the choices I make. It’s almost paralysing sometimes, and that’s no good for anyone. My underlying confidence has definitely been boosted by becoming a mum, and my perspective has been widened over the last year of blogging, but both of those things have also brought with them more things for me to worry about being judged on!

So this year I resolve to focus less on second guessing how other people might perceive me, and focus more on what I know in my heart to be right. I’m hoping that might free up quite a lot more time for the things that are important, but at the very least it should help to still my soul.

Blogging high?

I’m just happy to be here! But seriously, my blog turned one yesterday, and having started out last January not having the faintest idea what I was doing I am very proud of the collection of posts I have amassed.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the huge community of bloggers out there, so many inspiring and supportive people achieving the impossible every single day.

I particularly value the growing network of writers I’ve met through the What I’m Writing linky. It can be a lonely business sometimes, tapping away at the keyboard to breathe life into the worlds inside my head but they have helped to keep me going and served as a valuable reminder of what it’s all for.

Picture of the year?

I’m cheating a bit here, but I love this collection of selfies of me and Arthur just hanging out and having fun. There’s been a lot of that, and for the opportunity to do that I will be always grateful.


I feel like I’ve just caught the end of this tag so I won’t be passing it forward to anyone in particular. But if you’re still feeling in a¬†reflective mood and would like to¬†join in then please do!

A crafty thank you

I’ve always been pants at sending thank you cards, and always, always felt guilty about it. When Arthur was born we were sent some gorgeous gifts, but the world was such a haze back then that our friends and family were lucky to receive a text message in return.

So in the wake of Christmas and Arthur’s first birthday, and in the spirit of all those new year’s resolutions, I’ve decided it’s time to make a change.

In between various other things over the last few days I’ve been making some thank you cards to send out on behalf of Arthur. I wanted to do something personalised, something that would begin to make up for lost time if you like. I was thinking handprints, but he’s really a little little to find that fun. So instead I used his hand as a template.

We had some paper left over from wrapping his presents which seemed appropriate as well as being kinda funky, so after tracing round his hand (the trickiest bit) the first job was to draw out all the hand shapes on the back of the paper.


Then a bit of cutting out.


Then some sticking, a bit of stamping, and voila!


The lettering wasn’t all as neat as that. My stamping definitely needs some practise. But all in all I was quite pleased with them – and when I showed them to Arthur he waved, which confirms at least that they look like hands.

All that remains now is to write them and get them in the post – hopefully beginning a lifetime of guilt-free thank you card sending for our little man.