My bouldering bambino

Today we finally got round to going to somewhere I’ve been meaning to check out for ages: The Boulder Bunker, an awesome little climbing centre in Torquay.

I’ve dabbled in climbing at various points, but never managed to take it up seriously. What I love about it – and why I’d like Arthur to have the chance to try it out – is that it is all about using your body to the max, and a perfect way to combine keeping healthy with exploring the great outdoors.

Arthur is still a little little for the climbing walls, but he loved the hippos and was certainly curious about how he might get to them when they were placed tantalisingly out of reach.

20140402-221026.jpg    20140402-221110.jpg

Most of all though he just relished the chance to be let loose somewhere new – and somewhere safe, where he could topple over giggling to his heart’s content. He loved rolling (and hugging) the giant exercise balls, and watched with interest as the older kids tested their balance on the slack-line and clambered over the climbing frame. I know it won’t be long before he’s joining them.

20140402-221745.jpg    20140402-221845.jpg

20140402-221914.jpg    20140402-221939.jpg

It was great to find somewhere set up so well for kids where Arthur could really let off steam and where, over time, he’ll be perfectly placed to learn a valuable skill. We have no end of brilliant things to do outdoors down here, but on a drizzly day like today The Boulder Bunker was just what we needed. We’ll definitely be back – and who knows, maybe I’ll be tempted to take up bouldering too!

10 thoughts on “My bouldering bambino

  1. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Sounds like a great place, it’s always lovely to find somewhere great for the kids on a rainy day! #letkidsbekids xx


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