Word of the week: trains


Over the past couple of weeks, Arthur has developed a real passion for his train set. He was given it for Christmas last year, and whilst he’s shown a passing interest before it’s only recently that he’s really given it his full attention. He’s figured out how to put the pieces of track together, and whilst he loves it when someone sits down and plays with him he’s equally happy to be given the time to play with his train tracks by himself.

And this week that’s been particularly handy.

After our whirlwind trip to London I’ve had so much to catch up on. Not least the novel, which is edging ever closer to completion though I’m not quite there yet.

Because this has also been one of those weeks when my time and focus has been stretched in all sorts of directions I hadn’t exactly been anticipating. Meet ups with friends that I didn’t want to refuse, for Arthur’s sake or mine, despite knowing it would knock my schedule out of whack. Taking over a local twitter account (@TorbayPeople) because no-one else stepped up to the mark. A piece I wrote a while ago being published in The Guardian, the excitement of which threw me a bit yesterday!

And then of course there’s Halloween, which seems to have appeared out of nowhere this year! So throw in some pumpkin carving, some baking, some costume making.

It’s all been good fun, but I have been squeezing every last drop out of every second to fit it in.

And for much of that time, when I’ve been writing or blogging or tweeting or making something or another, Arthur has sat contentedly and played with his trains. Now that it’s finally the weekend, I’m looking forward to sitting down and playing with him too.


The Reading Residence

7 thoughts on “Word of the week: trains

  1. Iona@redpeffer

    Ooh, congratulations about the piece in The Guardian. I find half term’s are an interesting balancing act so my week has been unpredictable as well. I’m excited for you and the novel too x

  2. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk)

    Exactly how much my son loves his traffic signs. These passions are a life saver! give me a bit of time to do things while he is doing what he loves as well. I love how kids are so content playing the things they love too. So much toy love =) #wotw

  3. thereadingresidence

    I love that photo! My son loves his trains, too, and it’s lovely when they find something that can absorb them, especially when you need it to! Well done on your Guardian piece, too! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  4. Sam

    Wow! That’s a busy week Sophie! Thanks heavens for trains, eh?! My two absolutely love their trains and their set is growing an growing. EJ has been happy to sit and play on his own with trains since about 18 months I think. Going to pop over and have a read of your Guardian piece – congrats on that 🙂 X #wotw


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